Space heater safety tips

My apartment is in a 100 year old building in San Francisco with an inoperable old gas heater, so I became familiar with space heaters this winter. They provide efficient, quick heat, but have some important safety considerations. 
🏷 Older models are a lot more dangerous due to newer safety features. Check your model and manual to confirm safety standards and hazards.
🧾 If you're in the market for a heater, look for one with an automatic shut-off feature if it overheats, a timer, and a tip-over switch which will shut the heater off in case it falls over.
📐 Always keep your space heater on the ground. A falling heater can cause a fire or other major damage.
🚿 Keep your heater away from all water sources, including steam from showers.
📚 Make sure that you don't position your heater below bookshelves or other heavy objects that could fall on it during an earthquake or other emergency. 
👶🏻 Never leave unattended, especially around children and pets. Do not keep your heater on while you sleep. 
🔌 Heaters should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet - never an extension cord or power strip. You run a risk of explosion if a power source is overloaded.
✅ Make sure the cord is not kinked, tangled, twisted, or below furniture or other possessions. Keep curious animals far away. 
📏 Keep your space heater at least 4 feet away from anything flammable. 

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