Preventing electrical fires

One of the most common and deadly types of home fire is caused by faulty, misused or damaged electrical systems. Older structures can be especially prone to dangerous electrical problems, because wiring and its insulation weaken over time. If you notice any of these warning signs, contact a licensed electrician right away:
💡Lights that flicker, dim, or do not turn on, even with tightened/replaced bulbs - this can signal a dangerous loose connection or overextension of your home's electrical system. 
🔌 Outlets that are discolored, or warm to the touch.
🎛 A humming sound or burning smell coming from an appliance or area of your home.
Also be mindful of keeping your electrical system and appliances healthy:
🙅🏽‍♀️ Never overload circuits; especially with large appliances. 
📺 Replace old appliances, or have them inspected.
🔌 Replace damaged, old or cracked cords.
💡Never use light bulbs that exceed the wattage for your fixture or lamp.

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